Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Holladay Remodel - Exterior Before Shots

This is our current project that we are extremely excited about and we'd like to post regular updates because it's been so fun to see this house transform. Plus the homeowners have put a lot of trust in me so I've been able to flex my "design muscles." It's been my 3rd baby because I've been able to design everything from the floor plan, architectural details, windows, trim details, and everything in between. So if it turns out terrible, it's my fault. But if it turns out awesome.... it's also my fault.

Here's my design of the exterior...well some of the details are inconsistent. This is where I can try everything out first. I have literally buried my head in the cape cod/shingle style homes and am now a self-certified expert on their authentic design. I'm a fan of the cape cod look and will probably incorporate it into my own home...some day. I'll post some pictures of cape cod homes I'm using as inspiration.

And this is what the house looked like as you walk up the driveway. Notice the lack of a front door... confusing.

Ah, here's the "front" door.. it's facing the side yard.

But of course, it's in Holladay so the lot is amazing with lots of potential.

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