Monday, May 23, 2011

New TBH Website!

We've been working on our new Web site and we're so excited to have it up and running. Well, the blog is up and running (we're still working on collecting all our portfolio pictures). Please update your links to and follow our projects. We've got some great ones coming up along with finishing the landscaping and garage at our Holladay project.

Monday, May 16, 2011

It's all about the details..

One of my favorite things about this house are all the details. It's not just the kitchen and the fireplaces that are awesome. All 2800 sqft are beautiful and enchanting starting right as you walk in the front door.

Front entry with two closets and a great spot for guests to take of their shoes.
Hallway leading to the rest of the house with floor to ceiling trim and the reoccurring shiplap overhead.
Kids bath with vintage classic feel. And hallways with built-in linen cabinets and contemporary light fixtures.
The mud room with the continued shiplap and storage space for the family. And then the door to the utility room has a custom made intake vent that goes along with the Greek key pattern above the living room fireplace.
Photos by Meikel Reece.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

The perfect canvas for Caitlin Creer

As we approached the end of this project, we began to realize the overwhelming task the homeowner had of furnishing this house. So we thought who else but Caitlin Creer to bring everything together. We are so excited to have Caitlin apart of this project. She so is talented and has such great style.

Here are the canvases, ready to be filled..

Living Room
Dining Room
Family Room
Girls' Room
Boy's Room
Master Bedroom

Pictures by Meikel Reece.

Loving the White Kitchen

We are wrapping up this amazing project and I can't believe this is the first time we are posting about this kitchen. This kitchen was crafted by the talented Benjamin Blackwelder. We are so happy with how everything came together and the backsplash was especially exciting. You can find something kind of like it at Contempo for $30/sqft but after a couple hours of research Steve found it for $8/sqft on It was an awesome find!
PS- All the paint colors turned out perfect! More pictures by the awesome Meikel Reece to come.