Saturday, October 3, 2009

Vintage Bathroom Take 2

If you haven't noticed already, I'm a big fan of turn-of-the-century style bathrooms. This bathroom is my 2nd attempt at this type of bathroom with a less than $5,000 budget. I like this paint color a lot more than the green we put in our bathroom. This color is Silver Sage from Restoration Hardware.

The bathroom started out as a standard master bath built in the 90's. It was small, had a worn out looking shower surround, linoleum, and a insignificant vanity.

Initially, the homeowners wanted to put a tub in here. After marking it all out there just wasn't enough room to make it work comfortably. We kept the same layout but switched the vanity with the toilet, that way the vanity was on the side with more room. We also put in a bigger shower base and tiled the walls and floor. Lighting was key for this bathroom. The sconces add prestige and highlights the vanity space. The can light in the shower brightens up the space as it reflects off the white subway tile. These seemingly insignificant changes to the lighting is what really makes this bathroom seem larger and much more luxurious. We reused the original mirror. Almost any glass shop can cut holes in it for mounting sconces. Adding the sconces and holding the mirror off the wall a couple inches added some needed interest.

The homeowner picked out the vanity from Costco. I think it was a good find, especially since they sold out in a couple weeks and there are none left in Utah. I was a little worried about it being a more antiqued piece with all the bright white tile and trim, but I think it works because it stands out more as a piece of furniture.

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lindsay said...

Steve!!! I love your design. Hopefully soon you'll be helping me on a house!!!