Friday, October 2, 2009

Our bathroom final pictures

This project has been completed for several months but renters moved in before we had a chance to take pictures. As a reminder, here are the befores and it really was a disaster. Not only did it have a leak and mold was starting to show but it felt so small and awkward with the washer, dryer and tiny shower. And now we love it's layout and wish we had this bathroom and it wasn't just in our rental but still totally worth it.

And if you're interested on what kind of price tag comes with a bathroom remodel like this (even with it's narley rough plumbing work) it is only around $5,000. If you only have so much to spend, you don't have to compromise style. For example, I found the vanity at Lowes for $200 and it included the sink and counter-top.

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