Friday, July 9, 2010

Benjamin Blackwelder

This beautiful french style home was built by the oh so talented Benjamin Blackwelder
Ben and I have had the good fortune to work on several projects together (Caldwell's, Stranges) and he is truly a master craftsman. 
We would love to talk to you about building your dream home or just your dream kitchen!

All images by Meikel Reece


Catherine said...

This is everything I ever dreamed I wanted! So BEAUTIFUL! Oh, I am a huge fan and plan to hire you to build my dream house...someday :) I'm saving up my dirhams (UAE money)

Lyssa said...

That house is amazing. Meikel did a phenominal job on the photos!
Great job!

Rachel Esther said...

I am in love! This house is a stunning work of art. When can I move in?!!

deirdre g said...

Wow finally! I found my dream house. So beautiful!

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angelo h said...

Audible gasps of pleasure here. Such a beautiful house in the natural landscape -so many pretty elements.

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