Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New (old) projects.

Leaving our home on Main Street and all the work we did there wasn't as hard as I though it'd be, probably cause we are renting it and there's always something that needs to be done there. It's also helpful that our new house is like a blank canvas....literally. We bought the home from a bank who had sprayed the whole interior white before listing it for sale. They didn't leave anything unpainted, they even painted over cover plates...rookies.

This picture was taken a couple years ago when the previous owners first tried to sell. The house lends itself to traditional colonial, so we'll play up those details as we remodel to give it more personality.

We will be gutting the kitchen and enlarging it.

These stairs will look much better when they are done in hardwood with a carpet runner. No offense shag carpet that raps around the treads, skirt board and everywhere else.

So we're still in phase one if the remodel which is moving a couple walls, cutting a pass through in a wall, adding can and art lights, and painting. Next phase...hard wood floors and a new kitchen....hopefully soon.

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lisa_d said...

WOW! The place was so beautiful. What an inspiring home interior and exterior shots! It has many stories to tell I am sure! I love seeing your charming pictures, keep them coming! I want to live in a home like this too! :)

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