Monday, October 6, 2008

Trim; So Underrated

One of the biggest and most noticeable differences between a track/starter home and a custom home are their trims and moldings. I find this is the last thing homeowners want to upgrade. I don't blame them since many builders charge a lot for this upgrade. Many homeowners end up repainting with colors, faux textures, and glazing to upgrade their home. While all these do wonders to a house finished in the standard builder's color (beige) they look tons better next to more dramatic moldings.

Before: Living Room/Dinning Room


Before: Baby's Room



Brookie C. said...

I love this room, what is the paint on the walls? in the picture it looks suede or something. very cute!

Steve Tiek said...

It's Ralph Lauren suede paint, you can buy at Home Depot. The color is "Blue Grass"and they don't actually display it anymore but if you ask for it they can look it up. This paint is great cause the way the last coat goes on is what you see. You're supposed to criss-cross the last coat, that's what gets you the suede look. It's a bit tricky cause you want to be consistant. Allison was helping me initially until it was aparent that our patterns were different. So I had to do it all, thanks anyways Al.